A note on tire pressure.

Airing up your tires is very important. It improves your ride quality, helps prevent flats, and makes riding a bike more enjoyable. The #1 best bike tool you  can own is a good floor pump. I'm a big fan of the Specialized versions that we sell, but that is by no means the only good pump on the market. But once you get a pump....now what.

Tires are marked on the sidewall with either a pressure range (PSI, bar, etc) or just a max presssure. Here follows the most important line in this post: DO NOT INFLATE YOUR TIRES TO MAX PRESSURE!* Max pressure makes for a harsh ride on normal roads or trails and will not make you go faster. Plus its more work with your pump. What pressure you should inflate your tires to depends on conditions, application, rider weight, and probably several other things. So do yourself a favor: check your tire pressure, check it often (at least twice a week if you ride every day), but don't max out your tires. You will be happier.

And if you're curious about what pressure you should run: give us a call.

   *If you are riding on a  velodrome this does not always apply, but still usually does.

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